Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cleaning Out The Car

Every month Org Junkie has a monthly organizing challenge. In June the challenge was cleaning out our cars. I did participate in this challenge, but I didn't get the time to write my post before the end of June. Very bad, I know. Since I did do all that hard work of cleaning out my car, I figured I should still post the results for everyone to see.

The first picture to the left shows you what the second row of seats looked like before I started cleaning my car.

The second picture is what the back of my car looked like. The third row of seats were folded down to make room for the "stuff" that didn't need to be there.

While my daughter was taking her nap one day I decided to go through my car and clean out all the junk. It was such a relief to get it all out of there. I didn't get to vacuum the car that day, but that weekend we did manage to take my car to the car wash and wash and vacuum it. After that it was almost like driving a new car.

Here are the after pics:

Pic #1: I managed to put the third row seats back up and just use the very back cargo area for storage. There I have my reusable shopping bags, an emergency car kit, a stroller and a towel.

Pic #2: The second row seats are all cleaned out. Look, you can actually see my car mats now.

Pic #3: In the driver's door cubby I have a stash of Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. Since these never expire and you can use multiple coupons in one transaction (1 coupon per item) I keep a pile of them in the car. This way I always have a coupon with me. The little plastic organizer holds other coupons to restaurants and such.

Pic #4: The door cubby at my daughter's seat. This one holds a few stuffed animals, a book, a cloth diaper and a few of those disposable plastic place mats for when we dine out.

My car is unbelievably cleaner now. I even cleaned out the glove box and the center console for the front seats and the second row seats. I love it.

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2 responses:

Bonnie said...

What a GREAT tackle.

Love the plastic bin for coupons idea!!

Michele said...

Oh boy you give me good ideal for my next tackle lol Great Job