Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Organizing & Backing Up Music Files

For this week’s tackle I decided to clean up my music files. I’ve been through a few different computers since I switched my music over to digital files several years ago. As a result, my music files were spread over three different external hard drives and a laptop. And to make it even worse, I hadn’t backed up any of my music files for about a year. Normally I don’t worry about where the files are because I have all my music files on my iPod, but things were getting out of control.

Earlier this month there were issues with my cell phone and hubby wound up getting me an iPhone. (Thanks again honey). Plus I won an iPod Touch which arrived last week. Anyway, I needed to load some music files onto the new equipment so I needed to get my files organized. Since I have well over 5000 music files, that is no easy task. Thankfully iTunes has an option to automatically organize your files. I used this to get all my music files into the same location on my laptop. That utility ran itself, but did take awhile. Once that was complete I backed up my files to one of the external hard drives. I feel much better knowing that all of my music files are now in one location and backed up.

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septembermom said...

I love your photo on the top of your blog! Really pretty :) Good job with your music files. You must feel good getting that organized. Can you believe that I still have to get an Ipod? My kids think that I'm a dinosaur. I better get one soon! You have a lovely blog.