Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Our weekend was pretty busy. Hubby and I were both dragging by Sunday evening. On Saturday we had our yard sale and I did pretty well. I made over a $100 which makes me happy. Plus I'm really happy about getting rid of a lot of our stuff. I still have a few boxes of stuff and could easily add some more so we're looking at doing another yard sale in a couple weeks. I think even motivated my mom to gather up some stuff to sell. Yeah mom!

Somehow, Sunday morning, Pumpkin managed to climb out of her pack and play. That child is a little monkey. Thankfully she didn't get hurt, but I'm thinking that it's time to pack up the pack and play. That child is going to give me a heart attack yet.

Sunday afternoon we went around and looked at some more houses. None of the houses really seemed right for us. There were some things we loved about a few of the houses, but nothing that felt like a complete package. Hubby commented that if we could mix and match we would have a great house. Anyway, it looks like we'll be checking out more houses next weekend. I'm not really in a rush since it's been slow with people looking at our house. Hopefully that's because people are on vacation and it will start picking up again soon. Since we made up our mind that we're ready to move, we're ready now. Besides, it is not fun selling your house and having to keep it so neat when you have dogs and a toddler. Ugh!

The iPod Touch I won from Xtra Xtra (giveaway hosted by C Beth Blog) arrived this week so this weekend so I checked out some apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone. I've found a few that I like and some that I'm not crazy about. I love the selection out there though. I feel like I can be so much more organized now. It's nice to have access to so much data at any time. I think I'm driving my husband crazy though because he's already commenting on how I'm addicted. I think he's just jealous.

Note: See, you can win by entering blog giveaways. I'm still excited that I won this one. I can hardly believe that I won an iPod Touch. I've won some small stuff before, but this is the biggest thing I've won on a blog giveaway to date.

That's about it for my weekend update. I still need to go get some laundry done and clean up the house a bit so I should get off here now. A mommy's work is never done.

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