Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite iPhone and iTouch Apps

Last night when I sat down at my computer to write today's blog post I had a little extra time so I started checking out some other blogs. Naturally I had to check out Works For Me Wednesday which led me to this post over at No Ordinary Moments about favorite iPhone and iTouch apps. Her post led me to one at Scribbit on the same thing. So instead of writing I spent my evening chasing links on blogs and reading posts. Then I headed over to the App Store where I got sucked in to checking out some of the recommended apps and looking around for any other interesting ones. Hunting for Apps is addictive I tell you.

All of my surfing last night did give me the idea to start writing about some of the apps that I have found and loved. So in the near future you can look for some posts from me on iPhone and iTouch apps that I love. There really are a lot of great apps out there to help you get organized. I have been trying for years now to put together a Household Notebook and never seemed to be able to get everything together for it. Now my iPhone is turning into my Household Notebook and more. Since I've started using my iPhone I feel so much more organized and in control. I love it and I want to be able to share the things that have worked for me with everyone. So I am excited to start writing about some of these apps and how I use them.

If you have any apps you would like to recommend, feel free to leave a comment with the info. I need to keep feeding my addiction.

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