Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cell Phone Craziness

I've had a Motorola Z9 Razor cell phone for about 11 months. For the last two months now the buttons have not been working properly. Sometimes they work fine and other times you have to press them repeatedly, say bad things, press the buttons some more and then they finally work. To make a long story short, AT&T refuses to replace the phone under the 1 year warranty they offer because of the little chip you can see in the picture. This left with me a piece of junk cell phone and over a year left on my contract. I was not happy.

Luckily for me, my husband (the poor soul who has to live me with and hear me complaining about my cell phone and AT&T) decided to be super nice and let me use his cell phone upgrade to get myself a new phone. So I am now the happy owner of a new iPhone. So far I love it and the best part is that it's touch screen so the buttons can't get stuck. And yes, we did invest in the protective case and screen cover. So far I absolutely love the phone. There is just so much that you can do with it. I think there is an app out there for everything. Now I just hope that the phones lasts for the 2 year term of the contract.

Finally, I wanted to note that I know of other people that also have the Motorola Z9 Razor cell phone and have the same problems with the keys. So my advice to anyone out there looking at cell phones is to avoid this phone. I loved it until the buttons started acting up, but seriously, what good is a cell phone without working buttons? Besides, a cell phone that won't even work for a year isn't worth a 2 year contract. I could continue on this rant, but I will spare you. I'm getting worked up just thinking about it. Ugh!

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