Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Baking - Vanilla Scones & Pumpkin Cookies

I absolutely love Starbucks petite vanilla scones. However, I don't like paying $1.95 for three mini scones. So I decided to try making some myself. So I found this recipe and made went ahead and made them. The only modification I made was to add 1 teaspoon of vanilla to glaze and use milk instead of water for the glaze.

As you can see by my picture. I couldn't wait to try them. Oh my goodness, they were so delicious. I had to walk away from them so that I wouldn't eat them all. I personally think these are even better then the ones at Starbucks because they don't crumble when you look at them. My daughter and dogs also loved these. Since they have all also had the Starbucks version I figured it was only fair to let them have a small taste of these too.

The second thing I made Saturday was Pumpkin Cookies with brown sugar frosting. I printed this recipe out way back in October because I figured my daughter would love them. She has a serious thing for pumpkin. Anyway, I finally got around to making them. They are absolutely delicious. My daughter loves them too. I think the smell of them baking woke her up from her nap. I will say that she likes them better without the frosting, but I think that's because the frosting was still gooey and stuck to her fingers. I personally liked them with the frosting.

This weekend baking thing is getting to be a habit and I have to say that I like it. It is so much fun trying out new recipes and spending time in my kitchen. My daughter loves the fresh baked goodies too. Of course hubby wants chocolate chip cookies every weekend. Can you tell what his favorite is? Since I made them last week I decided not to this week. Maybe if he's good I'll make him some next weekend.

2 responses:

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Those scones look so yummy!!! OMG I have to try those.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog!

Chief Family Officer said...

Those scones look delicious, and I love the frugality behind them :) Too funny about letting your daughter and dogs try them, too!