Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Free Buddies Soap

When you see the Johnson's Buddies coupons out there, use them on the bar soap (pictured). These soaps are typically just under a dollar at Target and Walmart so you can use these coupons to get the soaps FREE. we have used lots of their coupons this way and my daughter is very stocked up on Buddies soap. Hubbie was joking the other day that she has enough Buddies soap to last her until college, but I still "buy" it whenever I find it free.

Even if you don't have kids, you may want to pick this soap up when it's free. Since the soap comes in a little mesh bag they are great for traveling. You can use it as a soap and scrubber all in one and since you got it free you don't have to worry about lugging it home after your trip. You could also get these and include them with gifts for any small children you know. Anyway, here is a link for a $2 on 2 coupon that you can use to get 2 free bars. And don't forget that you can print it twice and get 4 free bars. We love free Buddies soap around here.

And here is a link to a $1 on 1 coupon. And another $1 on 1 coupon. Same deal, you can print it twice if you haven't printed it already. Keep an eye out for these coupons in your paper too as I have gotten some there in the past.

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