Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Shopping Notebook

My shopping notebook is one item that I almost never leave my home without. In my notebook I write down my list of which items I want from which stores. Then I clip my coupons to that list. This way, my list and coupons are all in one place.

In the back of the notebook I have an evelope with my CVS card, ECBs and CVS coupons. In the front of the notebook I have an envelope with coupons that I want to use soon. This envelope usually has coupons that I can use to get items free or really cheap at several of the stores I typically shop at. This way I always have those coupons with me. I like to keep this notebook in my purse. That way, if I have a few extra minutes and I'm near one of those stores, I can take advantage and run in and get my shopping done.

Having all my lists in one notebook also keeps me from having several lists and coupon piles in my purse. I did the seperate list thing previously and I was always losing a list or leaving it home. I can't tell you how many times I got to the grocery store and realized that my list and coupons were at home. Since I've developed the notebook system, that almost never happens.

Once my shopping is complete, I like to slip my receipt and any catalinas into the front of the notebook. Once I get home I can pull out the receipts to either be filed, input for rebates or clipped to a rebate form for submission. Any catalinas get clipped to the list for that store if they are $$ off or relate to an item on the list. If the catalina is a coupon for something I may buy inthe future I file it in my coupon box. When I have $$ off catalinas and no current list for that store, I just leave the catalina in the front of my notebook. This way it is easy to find when I do make a list for that store.

I also like to keep a list of rebate items I am looking for on one of the pages. I list the specific item, applicable purchase dates and rebate amount limits. This way, if I see a good price on one of those items while I'm out I can pick it up. I'll also note if I've heard that there are rebate forms out there for something. This way I can keep an eye out for the form (peelies, tear pad, etc).

This notebook system has been working very well for me. I love having my list with me at all times. Since I'm always so busy it's nice to know that I have the ability to stop whenever possible.

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3 responses:

Erin K. said...

I'm just getting into couponing, so I'll have to bookmark this idea. Thanks for sharing all these great tips!

Mom2fur said...

I have all my coupons/rebates/shopping lists, etc. in one area, too. It really does make life easier! I use a binder with page protectors. Got the idea from another blogger, but I don't remember where. All I know is, I also have pouches in there (usually for pens and pencils) in which I keep either pencils, highlighters and scissors or 'loose' coupons. (I keep my coupons in their original circulars until needed.) The best part is that I never have to hunt down a pair of scissors, LOL!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Great idea! I've struggled with coupons for years, but really need to get into it more. I think I'll try your idea!