Sunday, October 5, 2008

September Monthly Summary

I don't have a complete monthly summary for September because I didn't start most of my logs until late in the month. The only log that I had going for the whole month of September is my rebate log. So here are my rebate totals for September

Rebates Requested: $221.79
Rebates Received $168.83

For October I plan on also keeping a savings log. I want to see if all my time clipping, filing and sorting my coupons is worth it. I think it is, but it will be nice to have a number to go with my thoughts. I'm also keeping a log of the various "freebies" I get and the source. Hopefully this will help me determine the sources that are worth my time and those that aren't. I also like numbers so that I can track my progress.

Do you keep track of any of your savings and spendings? Do you think coupons, rebates and so forth are worth your time?

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