Thursday, October 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday (A Little Late)

I'm a little late with my Works For Me Wednesday post this week. Sorry about that, my day was a little crazy yesterday. Anyway, the item that works for me this week is the Medela 80ml Breast Milk storage containers. Check out the picture below.

When my daughter was first born these bottle were the perfect size for one serving of her "milk." Medela makes a nipple and ring that fit this container perfectly. As my daughter grew I still used these containers to send her milk to daycare. Now that she is supplementing with formula I find these containers to be a great way to serve premeasured formula powder. I can slip one of these containers with the formula powder in my purse along with a bottle with the water already measured out. No matter how long we are out the bottle is good. I just mix it when she's ready to eat and we're good to go.

I do also have one of the special forumla dispense containers that I tried using, but I feel that these containers work so much better. With the medela containers you only need to take one serving with you, not three. And the container is much smaller so it fits better in a purse or diaper bag. I have even used these containers to take cheerios with us when we're running out. They would work well for any small portion of a dry snack. We have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of these containers.

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Anonymous said...

They are great. I sometimes refferred to them as quick shots.

They make preparing formula or even providing the right amount of milk so easy when you were out and about with a child.