Thursday, October 30, 2008


I believe that everyone out there who has children should sign up for a Upromise account. It's such an easy way to earn a little extra money for your child's college expenses and its completely free. I actually signed up before my daughter was born. While Upromise won't take the place of regular contributions to a college savings account for you child, it is an easy way to add a little extra to what you're already contributing. the savings are not huge, but I am not one to overlook free money.

Once you have a Upromise account, you simply link you grocery store cards to your account by typing in the numbers. You can also add your CVS card and even your credit cards. Then, you can also take advantage of their eCoupons. You simply go to their website, select the coupons you are interested in and they are put on your cards. Once you buy the items the coupon specify, the dollar amount of the coupon is credited to your Upromise account. If you don't buy the items before the coupon expires, nothing happens. So I always add every coupon listed that I think I might possibly use.

Another way to add extra money to your Upromise account is through their eRewards. Right now, if you sign up for eRewards, they credit your account with $5.00. Then you can earn additional money by completing surveys. So far I have earned $7.35 just from eRewards. Not much, but a decent return for the few minutes it took me.

You can also send invitations for you friends and family to contribute to your child's account. The link is on the Upromise homepage. I sent to this my mother. Now I just need to get her to register her store cards. I think this is a great way for grandparents to help contribute to their grand kid's education.

There are other ways to earn listed on Upromise home page. The ones I talked about above are just the ones that I use. Some of the other earning methods include shopping through links on their homepage and getting a Upromise credit card. If you don't already have a Upromise account, it is worth at least taking a few minutes to check out their website.

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