Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cashier Reactions

Some of the cashier reactions I've gotten when I've used coupons and specials to get really great deals can be rather amusing. Here are some of the reactions I've gotten this year:

At Giant earlier this summer I was able to combine a rain check and coupons to get Bob Evans Italian Sausage for $1.50 a pack. The cashier commented that I was her kind of shopper.

At Walgreens during one of their $10 on $40 coupon weekends I was able to get my original total of over $60 down to $30 and change. The cashier was completely amazed by this. He was so amazed that I didn't have the heart to tell him that after register rewards and rebates I had actually made money on the transaction.

At Safeway today I was able to combine their save $5 on 5 promo with coupons and register rewards to get my out of pocket down to $3.70. The cashier commented that I was a good shopper.

At Target a week ago I was buying several items with coupons. In typical Target fashion several of the coupons beeped. The cashier commented that she hated coupons, but she pushed them through. My brother checked out behind me with the same cashier. He purchased several bath towels along with his other items. While ringing him up she commented on how she hated bath towels. This girl was probably all of 16 and her grumbling wasn't done in a nasty way so we both found it rather amusing. We were even able to joke around with her about it.

At Walgreens today. I got a cashier I have gotten several times in the past. He remembers me so when I was checking out and I only had milk he asked if that was all I was getting today. The tone of his voice said he couldn't believe I wasn't buying more and using coupons. He is one of the more fun cashiers that they have there.

What kinds of reactions have you gotten from cashiers when you've used coupons?

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