Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Food Coupons

For those of you out there that buy baby food, Beech Nut offers a labels for coupons program. I personally like the Beech Nut baby food because they offer coupons, they participate in upromise and their food comes in glass jars. Combining a sale and coupons I was able to gets jars of Beech Nut baby food for $0.35 a jar. That’s the best price I’ve seen and since a lot of my coupons were expiring I stocked up. We bought over 90 jars of baby food. The cashier actually asked if we were stocking a bomb shelter. My daughter was very happy though. She kept turning around and making sure her food was still in the cart.

If you want the form for the labels for coupons promotion, click here. I also suggest signing up for their newsletter because it usually has a link for printing coupons. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

With the Labels for Coupons Promotion you can either send in 48 labels for 4 $1.00 on 10 jars coupons or 16 Table Time labels for 2 $1.00 on 4 Table Time products.

I do make as much of my daughter’s food as possible because that is the healthiest and most affordable option, but you can’t beat the convenience of jar baby food when you’re sending food to day care. They also come in handy when you’re going to be out during meal time. So in our house we wind up using a combination of homemade and jar baby food.

Have you found any good deals or coupons for baby food? Have any tips and tricks for feeding a baby healthy food economically?

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