Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning My Desk

My work area consists of two desks right next to each other. This is the area where I work on my computer, pay bills and do pretty much anything else that needs to be done at a desk. As you can see in my before pictures the area had gotten a it out of control. For some reason my desk and office area seem to be the catch all place for assorted "stuff" that doesn't have a permanent home. I'm working on remedying that so if you have any suggestions for preventing another pile up in this area, please let me know.

I decided that this area was in desperate need of a spring cleaning. So I completely cleaned off all the surfaces. Some of the items did make it back on to the top of the writing desk, but nowhere near as many as were up there before. I even dusted off both desks.

It's so nice having a clean surface to work at now. I really hope to keep it that way. And honey, that means you can't go leaving your stuff on my desks anymore either.
I also kept track of the items from on and around my desk that I got rid of while cleaning up today. Here's the list:
  • 36 Magazines - These will go to my work where they will join the magazine swap.
  • 19 Books - These will go to the used bookstore to earn me a little extra money. Anything they don't buy will get donated to charity.
  • 8 Pairs of Children's Shoes - Off to charity
  • 5 Candle Holders - Off to charity
  • 1 DVD Burner - I'm going to try to sell this. If it doesn't sell, off to charity it goes.
  • 1 Small Box of Assorted Stuff - Off to charity
  • 1 Bag of Trash - This was a 13 gallon size kitchen bag. That's a lot of trash for this small area.

It definitely feels good to get rid of so much stuff that we haven't been using. It's just cluttering up our house and stressing me out whenever I try to work at my desk. So bye bye stuff.

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6 responses:

Laurie said...

My desk area is a catch-all seems to be the place to put things when you don't know where to put them! It seems what we both need to do is make permanent homes for those things.

Just yesterday I put together my new desk and shelves from Ikea, and they are out in the open in the basement now, not hidden away, so I am hoping that is motivation for me to keep it tidier :)

Your work area looks wonderful now!

Sharon said...

I could use a little more spring cleaning myself....though the picture of my pantry was after I cleaned it just the other day! Still more work to be done.....and yes, I posted a picture! Thanks for visiting my blog! I really like your blog!!

Rana said...

Your desk area looks great. It makes you want to sit right down and pay some bills. Not!

Laura said...

Great job! And guess what? You are one of the winners of the Throw Out 50 Things book! Please email me with your address :)

Hoosier Homemade said...

Great work! Congrats on winning a book, I did too.

Ally0005 said...

Congratulations on winning, I won also.