Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Big Announcement

Over this past weekend hubby and I came to a pretty big decision. We had been building to this, but we finally decided it was time. So last night we listed our house for sale and we are looking for a new one. In some ways it’s sad because this is the house we bought together and it’s the house that we brought our daughter home to. Then in other ways it’s exciting. I feel like we’re getting ready to start a new chapter in our life. We are hoping to actually get some land now. Right now we are in a townhouse with a minuscule yard. I grew up in a house that had several acres of land and was surrounded by woods that we could play in. While that is a little much for us I do hope to get at least a half acre so my daughter will have her own yard to play in and I will have enough space to have an actual garden.

This weekend we saw a house that we loved, but the sellers won’t accept a contingency on the sale of our house. So we’re still looking. It is possible that house would still be available once we get a contract on our house, but I’m not going to count on that. Besides, we could find something that we like even better and maybe even at a better price. Whatever we decide to buy, it will be the house we plan to stay in until retirement. Hubby and I both dislike moving and we want the stability of a long term home for our daughter. I believe that the house we are meant to have is out there waiting for us. We just need to find it and make it ours.

This whole situation is a bit stressful and is certainly keeping me busy. Yesterday I ran around most of the day cleaning up the house and decluttering. We put some of our stuff into storage so that our house will show well. And I’ve been donating some stuff to charity. I still need to go lock up my jewelry, camera and computer. And there is still some cleaning up to do. Ugh! I’m just hoping that we are able to sell out house fairly quickly and that we get a good price for it. The housing market is very different from when we bought our house.

Now you know my big news. I will try to keep with my posting and keep everyone updated on the status of our search and sale. If I disappear for a few days it’s probably because something is going on with the house, but I will be back. I love my blog way too much to neglect it for too long.

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