Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning the Master Bedroom

My bedroom is another room that seems to collect stuff. Although usually that "stuff" is baskets of laundry that need to be put away. I did take some time to work on cleaning out my Master Bedroom closet. I moved a cabinet that I had in there and moved my jewelry box into the closet. I like this setup so much better then what we had. Plus it allowed me to add a set of shelves to a corner of our room where I have some stuff displayed now. Here's a picture of my closet after I cleaned it out:

There are several bins in there that store some of the overflow from my stockpile. One bin is full of medicine and first aid type items. The other bin is full of personal care items like makeup, lip balm, face wash and so forth. I also have an open top bin just for orphaned socks. About once a month I go through this bin matching up what I can and cleaning it out. I didn't worry about going through the clothes because I just recently cleaned out our clothes. I have to say that I am happy with the way our closet is setup right now. Of course hubby hasn't seen it yet so who knows how he'll react.

Another item I had to clean out in my master bedroom is my perfume collection. You can see my purged collection in the picture. I have a thing for "smelly stuff" and tend to collect it. My previous, much larger, collection was housed in a small set of shelves. I had to clean it out though because Pumpkin kept getting in to it. So I went through and got rid of a whole shopping bag full of perfumes and body sprays. I will miss them, but there just wasn't a safe place for them anymore. So now I am limiting myself to whatever perfumes and body sprays fit on the tray on my night table. As you can see, it is already full. Oh how I love my perfume.

What Spring Cleaning have you done? To see more posts and tips to help you with your Spring Cleaning, head over to Simple Mom. Tomorrow is the last day of her Spring Cleaning Party, but I will still be working on cleaning out items around my house. It's a never ending process around here.

2 responses:

Rana said...

Great job cleaning. I love the tray for your perfume.

Buffie said...

Thanks Rana. The tray I'm using for my perfume is actually a candle holder made for a 3 wick candle. I got it from PartyLite a few years ago.