Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 4

I have been doing my Spring Cleaning the day before I post it. Since I work full time outside of the house it’s just easier for me that way. Well, yesterday I worked all day and immediately after work I had a class to attend. That means I didn’t get home until half an hour before I usually go to bed. There was no time for cleaning or blogging last night. I have some obligations tonight too so I don’t know that I’ll get much cleaning done tonight, but I will certainly try. I do have plans for getting some serious cleaning to be done this weekend so look for some more good spring cleaning posts and pictures next week.

All of this Spring Cleaning has even gotten me to do a little cleaning at work. Yesterday I took a few minutes to clean out two of my desk drawers. First was the drawer where all my pens, post-its, business cards and assorted small stuff get stored. That drawer was a mess. So I got rid of a few things and reorganized it. The drawer is so much neater now. I love it. The second drawer had lots of papers and envelopes. I was able to throw some of those out and got the rest organized. Now the drawer is a lot neater and I should be able to find what I need a lot easier now. There is still more cleaning to do, but I can’t exactly spend the whole day cleaning. I figured I would try to tackle a drawer every other day or so. It depends on how hectic each day is.

I also wanted to address some of the questions Simple Mom has posted as part of her Spring Cleaning Party.

Monday’s Question:

Am I feeling emotional about any of this stuff? If so, why? Do those knickknacks create your memories, or are they just things you happened to collect during those times on which you enjoy reflecting?
There are a few things I have that I do have an emotional attachment too. I feel that I am fairly normal in that sense. All in all, I don’t have an emotional attachment to most of my stuff. I’m not a big knickknack person as I don’t like to have a lot of things to dust around. I did like the idea that someone posted on Simple Mom’s site of keeping pictures of things you have an attachment to instead of the actual items. Depending on the item this may or may not work for you, but personally I am all for things that decrease the amount of clutter in my house.

Tuesday’s Question:
How easy or challenging it is for you to keep only those things that are either useful or beautiful to your family?
I don’t tend to hand on to things that are no longer useful to me. There have even been a few times where I have gotten rid of something an a few weeks later I could have used it. Still, we survived and worked around it in those situations. I don’t like having a lot of clutter in my house even though you can’t always tell that by looking at it. My husband saves things more then me, but he usually isn’t too bad.

Wednesday’s Question:
What’s your style? As you’ve decluttered, cleaned, and organized, have you explored your different tastes in decor? I’m curious if you’ve enjoyed the more minimal look in your living room, with your surfaces emptier.

The décor in our house is an interesting blend of hubby’s tastes and mine. I like simple, traditional looks and hubby has added some interesting pieces to our collections. (Did you see the masks and sarcophagus in our living room?) All in all I like our look. Personally I don’t care for the surfaces to be minimal looking. I like it when a house has a lived in a feel. The model home look is fine for model homes, but I don’t want to live in that kind of environment.

Thursday’s Question:

What do you love about your kitchen? What one thing do you most want to change?
I love the size of my kitchen there is plenty of room to work and I also have a nice bay window in there so I get lots of natural light. The one thing that I most want to change is the amount of counter space and storage I have. To add some counter space and storage we wound up getting a kitchen cart. I love that I can roll it over to where I’m working and the back flips up for even more counter space, but I still don’t have enough storage. Since I tend to stockpile we have two cabinets and set of shelves where we have various long term food stuffs stored.

So how have you done on your spring cleaning this week? To see how others are doing and find more pictures, head over to Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Day 4 post.

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