Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

As you can see by my before pictures, my kitchen was in need of a good spring cleaning. I would like to say that my kitchen isn't normally quite this bad. I had guests over for dinner the night before and got a little lazy with the cleanup since I knew I would be Spring Cleaning in there in the morning. Lazy, I know, but I was tired and didn't feel like cleaning.

And yes, I do keep the play pen setup in my kitchen. When I'm the only one home and I'm cooking I feel much better if my daughter is in her play pen there. I try to avoid this by cooking when she's napping or when someone else is home, but that doesn't always work. Hence, the play pen taking up a large portion of my kitchen.

And now for the after pictures:

Here's a brief summary of what I did:
  • clean and put away all dishes
  • clean off and wipe down counters & pass thru ledge
  • scrub stove, microwave, dishwasher, toaster and fridge
  • wipe down flour, sugar and tea canisters
  • clean off and wipe down kitchen cart
  • clean off and wipe down bakers rack
  • scrub floor
  • take out trash and wipe down trash can
  • clean out play pen and change the sheet
  • scrub sink
  • wipe down the walls

I think that's everything, but I could have missed something. There was a lot to do in there. I do still want to go through the pantry, but that can wait for another day. It's so nice have a clean and shiny kitchen now. It's so much nicer cooking in a clean kitchen.

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7 responses:

Jenny said...

It looks like I'm cleaning up the kitchen with you!!!

Abbie said...

Wow, what a difference! I don't love cleaning (I like ordering more) but I do love cooking in a clean kitchen. I also really like the play pen in the kitchen. That really made me smile. What better way to bring out the chef in her!

Rana said...

Just reading your list of what you did makes me tired. I'm not looking forward to cleaning my stove.

Your kitchen looks great!

Amanda said...

Wow! Great job! That kitchen is sparkling clean.

Chris Clark said...

It looks great. I love it when my kitchen is all nice and clean. It's always a bummer to have to clean up before i can cook (and then after too). I need to go through the cabinets when i do my kitchen and reorganize them which will be a big job.

Danielle said...

It looks great! There is nothing better than having a clean kitchen! That is my first thing to do every morning. Check out my Tuesday Tackle here.

Julie Bonner said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! A clean,organized kitchen makes me one happy camper. :)

I tackled out family communication center, which is off of the kitchen.