Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday - Laundry Cleanup

On Sunday mornings we go to my parents for a family breakfast. This week, when my brother saw me he asked me why I was wearing a Halloween shirt when it's almost Easter. My response, I haven't put my laundry away for a few weeks and the Halloween shirt was clean and hanging in my closet. Yeah, it had gotten that bad around here.

So this week I decided to tackle putting away my laundry. I had 4 laundry baskets full of clean laundry waiting to be put away and another 3 baskets full of laundry that needed to be washed. Hubby does help with washing the laundry, but he doesn't put it away. I will even admit that it's my fault he doesn't put the laundry away. I can be a wee bit ocd about having clothes put into the correct places and he doesn't want to get yelled at for putting things in the wrong place.

I started by sorting out the dirty laundry and getting a load of that going and then I headed upstairs to start putting laundry away. It seemed to take forever to get it all done, but now I finally have all my laundry washed and put away. Even my daughter's laundry has been put away. It feels so good to finally have that taken care of. At least until this weekend when I will once again be doing laundry. If anyone ever invents a machine that will wash, dry, fold and put away my laundry I will be right there to buy it. I doubt that will happen any time soon, but a girl can dream.

On a side note, I did finally try vinegar and baking soda in the wash with my towels and it did a wonderfull job getting the musty smell out. Since I doubt I'm the only person who has left laundry in the washer a little too long, I thought that maybe some of you might benefit from this tip. It's cheap, easy and works great.

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5 responses:

The Masked Mommy said...

Haha! The Halloween shirt thing is sooooo me! It's ridiculous how long I will wait to put the laundry away here! My post was about the same thing today. Great tackle :-)

Susie said...

Awesome tackle!!

The Masked Mommy said...

Thanks for coming to my Closet Powwow! This post still makes me smile :-)

Messy Jessy said...

What a great inspiration...I have many loads waiting of me right now!

I too would like a wash, dry, fold, put away machine. ;)

Xazmin said...

Great tackle! I hate laundry, I have a "laundry table" that the clean clothes get piled onto, and if there's nothing in the closet...it's down to the laundry table we go!