Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Music - Week of March 31

It's Tuesday, time for the weekly free music review. Personally, I love checking out the new free music every Tuesday. Sometimes I'm not crazy about the songs, but sometimes there are some good ones. I figure it certainly doesn't hurt to check them out. And it's always fun to discover new artists. Here are the songs I found this week:


  • Single of the Week - "Make Me Believe" by Angel Taylor
  • Discovery Download - "Love Struck" by V Factory
  • Video - "Nothing To Worry About" by Peter Bjorn and John
Walmart "Love Your Love the Most" by Eric Church

Amazon Music The featured free songs at Amazon change each time you refresh the page so you'll have to head over there and check them out. They have the largest selection of free music I have seen from a reputable source. Click here and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the free songs.

CNET has a new free song featured every day. Plus you can look at some of their previously featured songs and still download them for free.

Blender has their March Mix available here. It contains songs from 15 new bands. For the list of songs, please see this previous Free Music post.

Blender also has their April Mix available here. It contains songs from 15 new bands, including the following:

  • "Golden" by Marco Benevento
  • "Stop Stomp Stompin" by The Coathangers
  • "Microphone" by Coconut Records
  • "Tail & Mane" by Cryptacize
  • "Andrew" by Crystal Antlers
  • "Floating Down a River" by Jason Damato
  • "Fear" by Benjy Ferree
  • "Cable TV" by Fol Chen
  • "Hazel" by Junior Boys
  • "The Last Kiss" by Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs
  • "For My Children's Love" by Finley Quaye
  • "everytime" by Mike Relm
  • "deux TIGREs (feat Ingnue)" by The Shanghai Restoration Project
  • "Tourniquet" by Sholi
  • "Trash" by The Whip

Once again I have some extra codes from Starbuck's Pick of the Week cards. This time I have two: "Black Tables" by Other Lives and "Nine Sixteen" by Bruno Merz. I have one of each code that I will email to the first person who leaves a comment here who states that they want them. These codes work in iTunes so you will need iTunes to be able to download them.

That's all for this week's free music. Come back next Tuesday for another free music post.

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Torres1287 said...

I would like to have the Nine Sixteen code please. :-)