Sunday, March 1, 2009

Month End Summary - February 2009

I just finished calculating my monthly savings. For February being a short month, I don't think I did too badly. I always feel like I could have done better, but then that motivates me to try harder each month.

Here are my totals for the month:

  • $225.10 Coupon Savings
  • $1.00 Upromise Deposits
  • $52.00 Rebates Received
  • $4.99 Rebates Submitted

I have two more rebates that I need to get submitted. They both need to go out this month so that I can get them back. I don't want to miss the deadlines.

My year to date coupon savings is now $364.01. I still think this number is a little low because not all of my January receipts are accounted for. At least I did a better job in February with keeping up with my receipts.

Now that it's the end of the month, don't forget to go print your new online coupons and load the new coupons onto your cards at Upromise. In March I want to see my coupon savings numbers and rebate numbers both go up. Let's see how I do.

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