Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Month End Summary - March 2009

It's always interesting to see my totals for the month. Tracking all of this stuff just seems to suit my OCD nature. This month I added categories for You Data earnings, Swagbucks Earnings and My Points earnings. I love these programs because they are great ways to earn a few extra bucks without a lot of effort. I will be posting more information on these programs in the near future.

Here are my totals for March:

  • Coupon Savings: $153.58
  • Found Money: $0.65
  • My Points Earnings: $10.00 JC Penney gift card
  • Rebates Received: $5.70
  • Rebates Submitted: $17.09
  • Swagbucks Earnings: $5.00 in an Amazon Gift Certificate
  • Upromise Deposits: $4.20
  • You Data Earnings: $5.29

I don't think I did too badly for March, but I'm hoping to do much better in April. I haven't really been doing a lot of rebates lately because the ones I'm finding aren't for products that we use. And I've heard that April is the last month that Walgreens is offering their Easy Saver Rebates so after this month I will probably have even less coming back in rebates. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find the deals.

Now that it's the beginning of the month, don't forget to go print your new online coupons and load the new coupons onto your cards at Upromise. In April I want to see my coupon savings numbers and rebate numbers both go up. Let's see how I do.

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