Monday, April 27, 2009

Menu Planning Monday - April 27

What a long and busy weekend. We did manage to get a lot done around the house this weekend, but I still have so much to take care of yet. At least we have our menu plan for the week. For the most part I'm still not assigning dinners to specific nights. There are two exceptions this week. One is for family game night at our house Friday night and the other is for Baskin Robbins $0.31 scoop night. Yeah, we're having ice cream for dinner that night. It's not a healthy dinner by any means, but it should be a fun dinner.


  1. Hot Cut Sandwiches
  2. Hot Dogs & Macaroni and Cheese
  3. Meatloaf
  4. Pizzadillas
  5. Tuna Melts
  6. Ice Cream (Wed is Baskin Robbins $0.31 scoop night)
  7. Pulled Pork BBQ (Fri for Family Game Night)


  1. Cereal
  2. Granola Bars
  3. Bananas
  4. Apples
  5. Muffins
  6. Yogurt


  1. Kashi Frozen Meal (had a free coupon)
  2. Turkey Sandwiches
  3. Leftovers

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