Monday, January 5, 2009

Safeway Craziness Again - When Will I Learn?

Despite the problems I have previously had at one of my local Safeway stores in the past, I decided to make a stop there last night to quickly pick up a few things. I figured I was stopping at Walgreens right next door so I could swing into Safeway too. Silly me.

When I arrived at Safeway I realized that I didn't have my $5 off coupon from the Entertainment book with me. It wasn't worth going back home for so I just decided to pick up fewer items from my list. This Safeway has a Starbucks inside and Sunday is my Starbucks night so I figured I would just pick up my iced tea there. Wrong. They had absolutely no tea made so that was a bust. I did manage to get the items on my list and go wait in the one open check out lane. It is a regular occurrence for this Safeway to have nowhere near enough check out lanes open so this really wasn't a surprise.

After making it through the check out and getting everything loaded in the car I decided to check my receipt before I left. Well, they charged me too much for the Charmin I picked up so I had to go back in and get my $3.00 plus tax back for that. Once that was taken care of I headed back to my car and decided to go ahead and just get gas while I was there. When I pulled up to the pump and went to get my Safeway card out of my purse I realized that she didn't give me back my Safeway card after processing my refund. By that point I had enough and wasn't up to driving back across the parking lot to the store just to go back in and get my card. Plus my poor dogs were with me in the car and they were done too. So I left without getting gas because I refuse to pay full price when I can get a $0.03 discount just for scanning my card.

I feel like my trip out last night was bust even though I did get the main thing I went out for. It was just a frustrating experience. I really need to stick with the other local Safeway if I am going to be doing any shopping at Safeway.

In a way maybe the frustration was good for me because as soon as I got home I got on the Wii Fit to work out some of my frustrations. I wound up staying on it for 40 minutes and then hubbie and I played Rampage on the Wii. Nothing gets your frustrations out quite like senseless destruction.

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