Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walgreens Deals This Week

There are a few good deals at Walgreens this week. Here is what I found:

Garnier Fructis - FREE
Sale $2.99 - $2.00 Easy Saver Coupon - $1.00 MQ

Electrasol Gelpacks - $0.51 Money Maker
Sale $3.49 - $2.50 MQ
Easy Saver Rebate $1.50

Combine the Bayer Register Reward deal with the rebate to make money on a combination of these products:

  • Aleve $8.00
  • Bayer $5.00
  • One-A-Day $5.00 or $7.00
  • Citracal $9.00
  • Aleve-D Sinus $5.00
  • Alka Seltzer Plus $5.00
  • Phillips $3.00

When you buy $20 of the above products, you will get a register reward for $10.00 off your next purchase. See page 10-11 in the Walgreens sales paper for the exact items that are participating. Some Walgreens will allow the $20 to be the price before coupons and some want it to be after coupons. Pretty much all of these products had coupons in the Sunday paper this week. Along with the coupons there was a Special 1/2 Price Offer rebate form in this week's Sunday paper. Check the rebate to make sure you buy participating products from the above list. You want to select items that total as close to $20 as you can get. Remember that you need to purchase at least $20 worth of items to get the register reward.

When you make your purchase, you will spend $20 (possibly less). You will also get a $10 register reward good for your next purchase, make your net cost $10 (or less). You can now submit the rebate to get half of the price you paid after coupons back (up to $10). Once you get your rebate check your net cost is $0.00 or possibly a money maker. Here is what I purchased:

  • One-A-Day Vitamins $7.00 ($1.00 MQ) = $6.00
  • Bayer Aspirin $5.00 ($1.00 MQ) = $4.00
  • Aleve $8.00 ($1.00 MQ) = $7.00
  • Total Out of Pocket = $17.00 + tax
  • Received $10.00 register reward
  • Rebate Due $8.50 (half of $17.00)
  • Net Cost = $1.50 Money Maker (less taxes paid)

Note: MQ = Manufacturer Coupon. All the coupons I listed in these scenarios can be found in this week's Sunday paper.

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