Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rita's Cool Card

For those of you that are familiar with Rita's Italian Ice, you will know that there is nothing better on a hot day then one of their ice's. If you regularly go to Rita's then you should ask about their Cool Card. You get this card stamped every time you buy a frozen treat and after purchasing ten frozen treats, you get one regular sized one free. The really cool thing about this is that it doesn't matter which frozen treats you buy when you're filling the card. So you could get ten child sized ice's and then your free one could be a regular sized gelati. Next time you're at Rita's ask for a Cool Card. They're completely free so it's worth trying even if you aren't sure you'll fill it up.

Rita's also has a Birthday Club you can join to get special discounts on your birthday and special offers emailed to you year round. For more information on that, click here.

What stores have "frequent flier" programs that you take advantage of?

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