Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Reluctant Coupon User

Lately my brother has been grumbling about the cost of things and money being tight. So I offered him a few suggestions for saving money. My biggest suggestion was to clip coupons and use them, but if he didn't do that, to at least look through the sale paper and plan out your shopping trip before you go. He still hasn't really done either one, but I did get him to use a few coupons.

On Sunday we had a family breakfast at our parent's house and he was grumbling again about money. Well, I already had my list drawn up for Target and my mother offered to watch my daughter so my husband, brother and I headed to Target. Before we went I told him about a few coupons in the paper he might want to use so he cut them out of my mother's paper. Once we were there I pointed out a few deals to him and even gave him a couple of my coupons to save money. In the end he wound up saving about a third off of his bill. Not too bad considering he didn't really put much effort into it.

Knowing my brother he still won't clip coupons on his own, but he is willing to use them when I point out the deals to him. I guess that's something. I do try to notify friends and family members when I see a product I know they use on sale. Do you have anyone that you help find bargins on a regular basis?

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OnlyOnSale said...

I'm always trying to help my sister, just like this :)