Monday, June 9, 2008


Today I received my first rebate check in the mail. This one was a $5.00 rebate for purchasing three packages of Huggies at one time. If you're interested in that rebate, click here. You have to purchase them before June 15th though, so don't waste any time.

I had always considered rebates to not really be worth the time, but now I'm finding that they're a nice way to bring a little bit of your money back home. I'm surprised at how many rebates I'm finding out about on products that I need to purchase anyway. For example, with the Huggies rebate above I had already purchased the diapers when I found out about the rebate. So the $5 back was a nice bonus.

Here are some other rebates you might be interested in:
Orajel $1.50 Rebate
Fresh Sacks Rebate
HP Ink $10 Starbucks gift card rebate
BGE Energy Star Appliance Rebate for those of you in the Baltimore area
Rite Aid monthly single check rebates
Walgreens monthly rebates

You should also watch the coupon inserts of the Sunday paper, store shelves and product packaging for more rebates.

So what do you think of rebates? Are they worth the time it takes to send them in?

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