Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baby Food Savings

I prefer to make my baby's food, but there is something to be said for the convenience of jar baby food. So my daughter gets a combination of both. This week I was very happy to be able to combine a sale and coupon to stock up on food for my daughter. I wound up getting 61 jars of food, 3 small bottles of juice and 5 boxes of cereal for $13.02. The great part is that I still have more coupons and the sale is on at Weis through Wednesday.

We did pretty well with our general grocery shopping today too. It cost us $68.27 after I saved $47.58 in coupons and $29.72 in "club savings." It was enough of a savings that they had to come over with a key to finish my order. I love it when that happens. I definitely feel that it's worth it to stock up when items are on sale. The only things we got at the grocery store that weren't on sale were the milk and Yo Baby yogurt.

Right now my pantry, cabinets and storage closet are pretty much all stuffed full. There are a few things we are low on, but I should be able to get them at a good price soon. Do you think it's worth it to stock up on your family's regularly used items?

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