Monday, November 3, 2008

My 100th Post

It's hard for me to believe that this is actually my 100th post on this blog. I was suprised when I noticed how close I was to 100 posts last week.

When I started keeping this blog back at the end of May, my original intent was to share the deals that I was finding and taking advantage of. I feel like I've been evolving since then and as a result I'm planning a few changes for my blog. I still love sharing the deals and posting about them so that won't be going anywhere. I'm still a frugal girl at heart. But I feel like the mom part of me needs to be reflected in this blog too. My daughter is the main reason I started actively seeking out ways to save money.

Becoming a mom completely changed my life. Before I had my daughter I thought that my husband and I were busy. Honey, I didn't know what busy meant. All those routines we had before she arrived went right out the window. Now we try to fit in the hosuework between taking care of her, working and taking care of all the other obligations we have. It's a crazy juggle as I'm sure lots of other parents would agree. Just when you think you're starting to get things worked out and maybe life will calm down again, something happens to throw the whole thing off again. I'm learning to roll with those punches and take it one day at a time.

Since I know that I'm certainly not the only person out there with a crazy life, trying to be the best parent they can, I've decided that my blog should take a more frugal family view. As I mentioned above, there will still be postings of the deals I find and am taking advantage of, but I also want to start other things. One thing I will be adding starting tomorrow is product review posts. I plan to write about the things that I like as a mom and that I think other moms would also enjoy. You will also see periodic posts about contests I find that I think are interesting and naturally there will be periodic posts about my daughter.

I'm excited about these changes because I see them as a growing of this blog. It should now be an even better representation of the things that are important to me. So what do you think? Are there any changes that you would like to suggest? Let me know, I love receiving feedback. You can either leave a comment on this post, or use my contact form.

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