Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - Pantry

For this week's Tackle It Tuesday I decided to tackle my pantry. You can see my before picture to the right. The bins were added last year and they have become very messy lately. I decided to add the bins last year because the pantry was even more of a mess before we had the bins. Food would get pushed to the back and forgotten about and things were sitting weird on the shelves because of the wire shelves. The bins have been a lifesaver for us. They help to keep the food grouped together by category which really helps my organization.
To clean up this time, I pulled all the bins out and went through the food. I found a couple things that were out of date so they went into the trash. The biggest, messiest bin in there is my dinner bin. I also consider that one the most important to get organized because I need to know what we have on hand to prepare dinners. I was able to take the time to organize and inventory this bin and even wound up planning our dinners for this week around the food we already had in there.

Here you can see the results of my cleaning. I know that it doesn't look that much different from the picture, but it really is much cleaner in there. I'm very glad that I took the time to finally get the pantry cleaned out. Maybe next week I'll tackle the additional food storage in the basement. The shelves down there are getting crazy.

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3 responses:

Frugal Finds said...

i love your bins!!!! Show us the basement shelves next week!!!

Susie said...

Great tackle:-)I need to get to my pantry this weekend too:-)

Shan said...

I love how the bins camoflauge the mess. Nice work!