Friday, May 30, 2008

Walgreens $10 off $30 Coupon

For today only Walgreens has a $10 off your $30 purchase coupon available on their website. You can print it off here and take it to your local Walgreens to use it.

I stopped at my Walgreens this morning where I purchased the following:

2 Walgreens tampons $9.98 ($4.99 * 2)
1 Perfect tampons $6.99
2 Samy shampoo $11.00
1 Pepsi 2 liter $1.00
1 Pepsi 20 oz $1.39

Subtotal $30.36
After coupon $20.36
Total Out of Pocket $20.57

I chose the tampons because they qualify for a $10 rebate in the June Easy Saver catalog. I chose the shampoo because it gave me $5 in register rewards for my next purchase. The pepsi was just a filler to get me to $30.

My suggestion if you're going to use this coupon is to use it to buy items that you can get a rebate or register rewards on, or you can combine it with manufacturer coupons to get your total down even further. Last week they had a $5 off your $20 purchase coupon that I used. In that case I was able to get my total out of pocket down to $8 by using multiple coupons and my husband's went down to $7. I know I could have done better this week too, I just didn't have time to go through my coupons this morning.

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