Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Monthly Summary

I have been keeping a spreadsheet listing all of my expenditures and savings for the last few weeks. I just completed it for May and I am completely surprised at how much I spent. My savings is currently at 48%, but my spending is still too high. So for June I am going to work on getting my out of pocket expenditures down. I need to be much more careful in the future. Since I was $200 over budget this month, I would like to make that up in June.

Do you track your spending and savings? Do you find that you ever spend more then you anticipated in your excitement over a deal? I'm taking this as a newbie mistake and I will work on improving my self control.

Since we are pretty much stocked up on everything I do not need to buy anything unless it is very cheap. I'm supposed to be spending less money, not more. I'll console myself with the realization that half of my overage was for formula which is an expense we didn't really have before. Now we have enough to last her through the summer as long as I can keep nursing as much as I am now. Formula is just crazy expensive even when it's on sale.

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ohhollyf said...

My baby is on formula, yes you are right it's expensive. I've found a couple cans on Freecyle (unopened).
And, every time we go to the Dr. I ask for the sample cans. And, I let my gielfriends know the brand I use, so they give me coupons. Also, other Moms who have switched brands share thier leftovers.
Nteworking hepls.

Holly said...

We had a hard time finding a formula my daughter could tolerate so I wound up giving away a lot of samples. I've also given away diapers my daughter has outgrown. We even got some diapers this way from another mom. Most of my daughters toys and clothes are hand me downs too. I figure I'll pass them on when we're done with them too. Baby stuff is just so expensive in general.