Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Gmail

About a month ago I switched over to Gmail. Now that I'm starting to use more of its features, I'm loving it. Here are some of the things I love about Gmail:

  • Ability to send and receive from all my email accounts in one place. I have four personal email accounts and gmail allows me to keep them all in one place. Yes, other email software allows you to do this too, but I really like the way Gmail does it.
  • Search capabilities. I get a lot of email so being able to do a google search of my email is a wonderful thing. It allows me to find emails I had lost hope of ever finding again.
  • Filters. I subscribe to lots of newsletters and as I said before just get a lot of email. The filters in gmail allow me to filter on several different things. I'm still getting everything filtered the way I want it, but it is so wonderful to not have all the newsletters cluttering up my inbox. I tag them as newsletters and archive them. Then when I get a chance I look at them. Filters are a wonderful thing.
  • Spam Filtering. One of the email addresses that I have going to my gmail account is one I have been using for over ten years now. So you can imagine the amount of spam it gets. Well, since I've switched it over to gmail I have only seen one spam message in my inbox. That is just amazing to me.

I'm sure that the more I use gmail and check out all the features I will find even more to love about it.

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2 responses:

Tammy W said...

I switched two months ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

GMAIL is more needs to be said.