Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tackling the China Closet

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This week I decided to tackle my china closet. Since we've been packing stuff up and putting it into storage to help our house look nicer, we also packed up our good china. There were some other odds and ends in there that had to be put away and everything needed to be dusted. Now my china closet looks so spacious I can hardly believe it. I even took the time to go through the drawers and clean them out too. I'm glad that I got this done. It's amazing how freeing up space in the china closet does help the room look nicer.
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3 responses:

Bonnie said...

I love that feeling too. After growing up with clutter at my parent's house I sooo do not want that. Less is truly more.

Amy and her little family said...

My mom is moving and she has been telling me for years to not just keep thing to keeps things... keeps things minimal! So I'm def. not a pack rat. I love your china closet!

Susie said...

Awesome tackle!! That space is gorgeous!!