Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do We Really Need All That Stuff?

I've mentioned before how we're trying to sell our house so we've decluttered and moved quite a few things to storage. Now, I'm not to collect a lot of stuff so our house wasn't too bad, but in the 5 1/2 years we've lived here we have managed to accumulate a few things. At first I was worried that I would miss my stuff so I wasn't crazy about putting things in storage. Amazingly, so far I have only missed one thing. Yet even then I managed without it.

All of this leaves me wondering if I even need most of that stuff we put in storage. Honestly, I don't miss it, so why am I paying for storage? Ok, so I will want the Christmas decorations again come December and the baby stuff may get used again, but there are plenty of other things in there that I am seriously considering getting rid of. Maybe once we're in our new house we can have a yard sale and I can get rid of it. Or maybe I can have the charity truck meet me at the storage unit and take it all away for me. Both ideas are very tempting.

It can be stressful keeping your house clean to the point that its ready to sell. Yet it is also nice to have such a clean house. After we decluttered and cleaned up, hubby and I asked each other "Why are we moving again?" It has been so nice without all the clutter that I am seriously reconsidering just how much of it we really need. I like my house so much more when its clean and open without a bunch of clutter laying around. I need to remember this for when we move to our new house. My goal is to only keep things we need and things we love. All the rest is just "stuff" take up precious space in my house and my life.

So what about you, do you tend to keep a lot of "stuff" or do you prefer a less cluttered house?

2 responses:

Summer said...

De-cluttering is one of my favorite things to do. I can't stand clutter, probably because I grew up in an over cluttered house. I am very clean and well organized. I routinely go through rooms and recycle/toss or giveaway things that have managed to accumulate that we don't use. So I'm amazed with how diligent I am at de-cluttering at all the stuff we still manage to accumulate.

Buffie said...

Summer - I know what you mean. I feel like we are constantly getting rid of stuff (donations, recycling, trash, & so forth) yet there is always more laying around waiting to be sent on to a new home. I think it sneaks into the house while we're sleeping or something.