Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Surprise Bargains

This weekend we were at our local fish store. My husband had promised our daughter we would stop there for her to watch the fish if she took a good nap. She did so we had to stop. When we arrived I was surprised to see that it was their 10th anniversary and they were having giveaways. So my husband entered the drawing and I took our daughter around to watch some of the fish. We wound up being there longer then expected because he decided to also buy some fish. We're glad he did though because while they were getting the fish they called his name as a winner in the drawing. You had to be present to win so if we had left we wouldn't have gotten a prize. The end result of our trip to the fish store, some new fish for $11 and a new light for the aquarium. It is a very nice light too. It even still had the price tag on it so it would have cost us $300 to buy this light. We were both very happy with our visit.

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