Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Customer Service

This weekend I was out at a party with my husband when I noticed that the sole of my sandals had completely split. These sandals were only a year old and they weren’t cheap. I had picked them up at Aerosoles last summer when I needed a comfortable slip on casual shoe. So when we left the party we headed over to the Aerosoles store where I had purchased the sandals. I wanted to get a new pair of shoes and I figured we could get their customer service number while we were there so I could call about my shoes. I love Aerosole shoes and have quite a few pairs of them. This is the first time I have had a problem with them. My thought was that I would call customer service and try to get some of my money back or at least a discount on a new pair of shoes.

When we got to the Aerosole store I started looking at the shoes and my husband went over to talk to the woman working there. He explained the problem with the sandals and that I was there to pick up a new pair. When we showed her my broken shoe she agreed that they shouldn’t have broken like that and said that if I brought in my original receipt they would give me back my full purchase price in store credit. After I found a pair of shoes that I liked and was ready to check out she asked if I gave my phone number when I purchased the shoes. I was pretty sure that I had so tried looking up the receipt that way. She found it fairly quickly and printed out the receipt, gave my the store credit and put it towards my new shoes. The new shoes were on clearance so I was able to get the new shoes and still have a $16 credit towards the next pair I buy. I was very pleased with the resolution of this situation. I have been telling everyone about my new “free” shoes and the great customer service I received. Thank you Aerosoles; I will definitely be back to buy more shoes when your full Fall line is out.

So if you have a product that you don’t feel lived up to its expectations, don’t be afraid to talk to someone at the store about it or call their customer service number. Not every company will give you a great response, but you just might get an even better response then you expected.

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